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Helping Crime Victims

Crime Victims Compensation Program

The Crime Victims Compensation Act was established by the Illinois General Assembly in 1973 with the primary goal of helping to reduce the financial burden imposed on victims of violent crime and their families. The Illinois Crime Victims Compensation Program offers reimbursement up to $27,000 ($45,000 eff. 8/7/22) for expenses incurred by eligible victims as a result of a violent crime.

The Crime Victims Compensation Act states that the Office of the Attorney General has the statutory duty to process all claims by investigating each claim to determine the claimant’s eligibility. The Attorney General’s office then makes a preliminary recommendation to award or deny compensation. Ultimately, the Court of Claims makes the final decision.

If you or someone you love is having difficulty coping with the long-term effects of a violent crime, please call our toll-free Crime Victims Assistance Line for more information about compensation and other statewide victim services: 1-800-228-3368 (Voice) 1-877-398-1130 (TTY).

Applying for Crime Victims Compensation

The application for Crime Victims Compensation is available to complete and submit online or download. Several resources are available to explain the process and assist with completing the application.

Watch a short video for more information before starting the online application for Crime Victims Compensation.

CVC Application Process Overview (4:06)

Completing the CVC Application (16:44) (en Español) (Polsku)

Open the online application

Read or Download:

Crime Victims Compensation Instructions and Application (English) (en Español) (Polsku)

Posters, Fliers and Brochures

Fact Sheets:

  • Crime Victims Compensation - Frequently Asked Questions

Legal Resources:

For more information about the Crime Victims Compensation Program, or to have a Crime Victims Compensation Application mailed to you, please call 1-800-228-3368 (Voice) 1-877-398-1130 (TTY).

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